Hiking up El Yunque - Baracoa - Cuba - 007v01 5,200 views | 14 | 0

El Yunque, the Anvil, a mountain of this shape, is near Baracoa, the most eastern town in Cuba, located in Guantanamo province. To get to the top of El Yunque one has to cross the beautiful Duaba river and follow a steep path until reaching summit at 545 metres above ...

Baracoa/Guantanamo 12 years ago

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Matanzas - Cuba´s Athens - 063v01 4,799 views | 16 | 0

Matanzas - Cuba´s Athens ...

Matanzas City/Matanzas 8 years ago

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24 Hours in Cuba - 035v01 4,795 views | 33 | 0

A representation of a whole day in Cuba from numerous locations including Havana, Santiago, Viñales, Baracoa. The first timelapse film done by Ernesto Eduardo Dobarganes. ...

Baracoa/Guantanamo 11 years ago

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Tres Cubano - Santiago - Cuba - 019v01 4,499 views | 7 | 2

The "tres" is an instrument very similar to a guitar but with 3 or 4 pair of strings, its sonority is very organic and the scales and melodies are overwhelming. Cuba is famous for its music, the son, rumba, cha cha cha, guaguancó, changui, punto cubano and even the recent ...

Santiago de Cuba City/Santiago de Cuba 11 years ago

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Cuba Classic Car Racing, Artemisa - 045v02 3,887 views | 5 | 1

Cuba Classic Car 400m Drag race in the new Artemisa province, west of Havana city, Cuba. The Cuban Automobilism Federation with its associated cuba classic car clubs organises these events. The competition consisted in 400m individual drag race for pre-1980 cars of 3, 4, 6 and 8 cylinders. ...

Old Havana/Havana 11 years ago

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Matanzas City Street Theatre 2011 - Cuba - 020v01 3,884 views | 6 | 2

Performance art as part of the Matanzas City 2011 annual festival held in "Freedom Square" opposite the Hotel Velasco. Cuba hosts an annual season of Street Theatre, many performing companies from around the world enjoy the oportunity of working for the cubans in their own streets. ...

Matanzas City/Matanzas 11 years ago

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The Hershey Train. Cuba's 1921's electric railway - 004v01 3,317 views | 20 | 0

"The Hershey Train" is the only electric railway that has ever existed in Cuba. It is (still) operating since 1921 and travels from Casablanca Station in Havana to Matanzas. The trip is magical and a good way to experience the natural beauty of Cuba and the Cubans; and of course ...

Matanzas City/Matanzas 12 years ago

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Cuba´s Classic Car Winter Regularity Rally - Technical Inspection - 027v01 2,525 views | 9 | 3

The Cuba Classic Car Winter Regularity Rally is organized by the Automobile Club of Havana, a member of the Cuban Automobile Federation.The November 2011 technical inspection and inscription process took place the day before the competition day that started near Melia Cohiba Hotel https://www.cubaism.com/basket/hotel.aspx?htlID=112 ...

Beaches East of Havana (Playas del Este)/Havana 11 years ago

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Hotel Playa Caleta - 060v01 2,275 views | 5 | 0

Hotel Playa Caleta ...

Varadero/Matanzas 8 years ago

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Carnaval Infantil 2011 - Bespangled - Santiago - Cuba - 025v02 2,041 views | 8 | 0

The "Carnaval Infantil" is the childrens party in the Santiago de Cuba´s carnival. The Kids can enjoy dancing, singing, and lots of varieties in a show conceived specially for them and many times performed by them aswell. Everyday of the carnival celebrations in the afternoon hours the children will have ...

Santiago de Cuba City/Santiago de Cuba 11 years ago

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