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Carnavales de Santiago de Cuba 2011 Part 2 of 2 - 062v01 116,712 views | 192 | 13

Carnavales de Santiago de Cuba 2011 ...

Santiago de Cuba City/Santiago de Cuba 8 years ago

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Baracoa in 2011. Its 500th Anniversary Year - Cuba - 015v02 7,835 views | 43 | 0

Baracoa was the first village founded in Cuba in the year 1511, and its relevance comes not only from that historic fact, but also from the beauty of the land and voluptuous nature. This most eastern city of Cuba is located in the Guantanamo province and is truly a tropical ...

Baracoa/Guantanamo 12 years ago

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Carnavales de Santiago 2011 Inauguration - Cuba - 012v02 18,480 views | 41 | 4

The first day of the biggest party in Cuba in 2011. The Carnivals of Santiago de Cuba 'defines' Cuba´s second largest city. To Los Santiagueros the event is far more than an annual celebration, it is the reason for their being. Santiago is full of music, rhythm and dance everywhere ...

Santiago de Cuba City/Santiago de Cuba 12 years ago

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Havana´s Night Clubs - Don Cangrejo - 030v01 38,860 views | 36 | 4

The rather in vogue (2012) up-market Don Cangrejo is popular for its live Cuban music performed by current chart topping bands. Cubatón, Reggaetón, Salsa, Disco and other Cuban rhythms can be danced and enjoyed in the venue located right on the Havana coast, just up from Hotel Copacabana. ...

Miramar/Havana 12 years ago

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24 Hours in Cuba - 035v01 4,795 views | 33 | 0

A representation of a whole day in Cuba from numerous locations including Havana, Santiago, Viñales, Baracoa. The first timelapse film done by Ernesto Eduardo Dobarganes. ...

Baracoa/Guantanamo 11 years ago

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Cuba Classic Car Club "A lo Cubano" - 003v01 5,286 views | 27 | 0

"A lo Cubano" a CCuba classic & historic car club is one of the most important and active car clubs in Cuba with excellent cars and owners. "A lo Cubano" celebrates monthly meetings is Havana and has competitions throughout the year, the car club is also associated to the Cuban ...

Vedado/Havana 12 years ago

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Dominoes in Santiago de Cuba - 008v02 8,414 views | 21 | 1

The game of dominoes is a wholesome entertainment which demands few resources and is generally regarded as 'the second national sport' in Cuba. This video, shot in Santiago de Cuba demonstrates how passionate Cubans can get while playing dominoes. Heated arguments, tactical exchanges and surrounding audience are common sight on ...

Santiago de Cuba City/Santiago de Cuba 12 years ago

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The Hershey Train. Cuba's 1921's electric railway - 004v01 3,317 views | 20 | 0

"The Hershey Train" is the only electric railway that has ever existed in Cuba. It is (still) operating since 1921 and travels from Casablanca Station in Havana to Matanzas. The trip is magical and a good way to experience the natural beauty of Cuba and the Cubans; and of course ...

Matanzas City/Matanzas 12 years ago

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Rotilla 2010 - Cuba Electronic Music Festival - 001v01 6,329 views | 16 | 0

Rotilla is the Cuban Electronic Music Festival that has been celebrated in the beaches at the east of Havana. This video features the single "Your love is mine" from Yaso, one of the most talented and versatile young cuban musicians. ...

Beaches East of Havana (Playas del Este)/Havana 12 years ago

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Matanzas - Cuba´s Athens - 063v01 4,799 views | 16 | 0

Matanzas - Cuba´s Athens ...

Matanzas City/Matanzas 8 years ago

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