Cueva del Indio - 036v01

Cueva del Indio (The Indian Cave) lies 8 km north of Viņales in the province of Pinar de Rio, Western Cuba. Rediscoved in the 1920s Cueva del Indio is one of the 17 recorded caves in Cuba. It was named after the bone remains of Guanajatabey Indians which were discovered in the caves. Cueva del Indio has the largest system of underground caves in Cuba and in all Latin America. It has been said that it linked the main island to the Isle of Juventud a long time ago. The uniqueness of the Cuevo del Indio lies in its subterranean river. Water levels are kept to keep it navigable. Some of the caves, once the home of the Indians, are now museums and cafeterias. Habitat of the bats and other cave animals, some plants of the Jurassic period still live in this preserved area.